Upper cervical spine giant cell tumour of the vertebra – Case Report

Pawel Szmygin 1, Bartłomiej Kulesza 1, Cezary Grochowski 1, Jakub Litak 1, Witold Janusz 1
1 - Neurosurgery and Paediatric Neurosurgery Department, Clinical Hospital SPSK4, Lublin, Poland
2016; 10 (2):
ICID: 1227572
Article type: Case report
Giant cell tumour (GCT) is a benign aggressive tumour, which affects the axial and peripheral skeleton. Pathological fractures often occur in cases where epiphyses are affected. GCT located in the cervical spine is rare and poses a serious surgical challenge and as far as approach and range of operation is concerned, is subject of debate. We report a case of GCT involving two vertebral bodies, C2 and C3, treated with posterior occipito-cervical junction stabilization, denosumab chemotherapy and transoral corpectomy.
DOI: 10.5604/18982395.1227572

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